Laminate flooring sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s not the same thing as a hardwood floor. It’s an imitation. It’s probably not going to still be in your home a century from now, but it is an affordable answer to the expensive question, “What flooring is right for your home?”

When you really think about it, your floors are hugely important to your home. They color the way you see your home, the way you interact it with it, and the way you enjoy time with your family when in it. After all, your floors are the surface you live on. They’re where you stand to cook family dinners, and greet guests, and slide around in your socks.


Four Reasons Laminate Flooring is Right for Your Home

So ultimately what makes laminate flooring right for your home is that it’s right for your family. It provides a perfect surface for everyone to live on, interact on, and even have a little fun on. Here are the four reasons you should choose laminate flooring for your home.


1. Laminate Flooring is Affordable

Places like Lumber Liquidators and Armstrong Flooring offer great deals on laminate wood flooring. They all boast floors that look as good as real wood without the hefty price tag that is usually associated with hardwood.

Of course, when it comes to your family home, you don’t want to skimp. You don’t choose the less expensive option just because, but you do make compromises for the greater good. You especially make compromises when you are building a home. Saving a little money in one area lets you spend a little more money in another.

If you spend less money on your laminate floors, then you might be able to upgrade your showers, or put in a bay window, or spring for the refrigerator with the pull out drawers that everyone can easily access.


2. Laminate Flooring is Durable

Floors for your family have to be durable. They have to put up with heavy foot traffic, and lots of little daily accidents. They can’t dent every time someone drops something, or stain every time someone spills something.

Laminate actually resists dents and divots better than hardwood floors. It’s also more scratch resistant. In other words, it’s more durable. That’s because laminate flooring is made with a top layer called a “Wear Layer.” Its purpose is to protect the looks and life of your floor, and it does a really good job. Many companies, like Lowes flooring also offer pretty good warranties in the event that something does happen.

All of this durability means that no one has to walk around on eggshells in your home, and everyone actually gets to feel at home.


3. Laminate Flooring Looks Good

Appearance isn’t everything, but it’s still important. Having floors that look good will make your whole house look good, so it’s important to consider looks as well as value, and durability. Laminate floors can be made to look like wood, or stone, and they can capture all of the beauty without the imperfections.

Because laminate is manufactured, and its finish is fabricated, you essentially get only the best pieces. You get floors that are uniform in design, and stunning in color. Your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference, and you get beautiful floors with a beautiful price tag.


4. Laminate Flooring is Easy to Install and Maintain

You don’t have to worry about refinishing your laminate floors. All you have to do is sweep them, and use a damp mop when necessary. You don’t have to wax your laminate floors, or worry about what kind of cleaners will harm them. You get to be nonchalant about your flooring.

That attitude starts from the very beginning. Over the years how to install laminate flooring has become a streamlined process that you could even do yourself. The flooring uses a click and lock, or fold and lock system, so that rather than gluing pieces together, you are merely connecting them.

Anybody up for a weekend family flooring project? It’s a great way to bond, but if you’re not the handiest of families, the installation is quick, easy, and inexpensive for professionals to do.


Laminate Flooring Checks All the Boxes

Laminate flooring is a great option if you want beautiful floors without breaking the bank. You get quality floors that are affordable, durable, beautiful, and manageable. In return, your family gets great spaces to gather together.

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