Right now, you’re on the fence about hardwood flooring. Maybe you’re in the process of upgrading the old floors in a home that you just purchased, and you don’t know whether or not to spring for wood floors. It’s an especially hard decision to make because hardwood is no longer the undisputed winner in every flooring battle.

It’s true. There have been lots of improvements made to laminate and vinyl flooring, and new options like bamboo and cork are providing some serious competition. So if you can get floors that look good and cost less, why would you spring for hardwood flooring?


Four Reasons to Install Hardwood Flooring

Trends in floors will come and go. Shag carpeting was once pretty cool too, but it’s not really a selling point anymore. But hardwood isn’t a trend. It’s a staple. Solid wood floors aren’t going anywhere. Both figuratively and literally, they are here to stay. Here are four reasons your home needs hardwood flooring.


1. Hardwood Floors Are Valuable

That’s a nice way of saying that they are expensive while forcing you to acknowledge why they are expensive. They cost a lot because they are worth a lot. A home with hardwood flooring is always going to beat a home with laminate flooring.

Hardwood floors show that you care about your home. You aren’t opting for the cheap fix that gives you beauty without a lot of substance. You’re a person of character, and your home should reflect that.

Think about it, you are about to embark on replacing crummy old floors with something better. Why go through the trouble to replace it with the same old thing? Won’t you just be right back where you started in less than a decade? Why not invest a little extra money in something that can last a century?


2. Hardwood Floors Can Be Refinished

Refinishing a hardwood floor is quite an undertaking, and, for some people, the need to refinish them at some point is actually a negative, and not a positive. However, you’re better at seeing the bigger picture, right? A floor that needs refinished is a floor that can be refinished.

Most other flooring has to be ripped up and replaced when it wears out, or gets old. You can’t sand down a vinyl floor and make it like new again. You have to demolish it, and start back at square one. Hardwood is different. You can maintain it and rejuvenate it.  With a little elbow grease, you can actually breathe life back into your floors when they need it.

You choose a hardwood floor for yourself, but you also choose it for posterity. You choose it because future owners and future generations can put the same elbow grease into the floor that you did, and they can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful old floor.

Refinishing your hardwood floors also means that they can change when your tastes change. You can sand the boards down and change the color of the floor to suit your particular décor at any time.


3. Hardwood Floors Are Beautiful

When all is said and done, you want a floor that looks good. You want something that makes friends and neighbors stop and take note of it. Hardwood flooring is definitely a conversation piece, and it’s definitely beautiful.

It’s available in so many different styles and finishes, so it is easy to match your home’s décor. From wide distressed wood planks for a cozy, rustic feel, to chic black boards, there’s really something for every taste.


4. Hardwood Floors Are Generally Low Maintenance

Sanding and refinishing aside, hardwood flooring is pretty easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis. All you have to do is sweep it and mop it regularly. You don’t need lot of fancy equipment, and a microfiber mop head or simply a Swiffer can do wonders.

A few times a year you should make the extra effort and polish your floor, but the added effort has a big pay out. By polishing your floors, you help prolong their life by refreshing the finish that helps keep them protected. Polishing fills in tiny scratches on your floor’s surface and it evens out the finish. Prolonging the finish means keeping a refinishing at bay, and that’s worth a few polishes a year for sure.


Future Generations Will Thank You

Hardwood flooring is an investment, but it’s clearly one that is worth making. You’ll be happy that you spent a little more to get a floor that is valuable, maintainable, and beautiful. It will never go out of style, and with a bare minimum of effort on your part, it will probably live longer than you do. So really it isn’t just why your home needs hardwood floors, it’s why the future needs them.

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