It’s official. You need a carpet for your floor. But there are so many types of carpets to choose from the search is causing you headaches (not to mention the sore feet from walking). Let me be the first to tell you that you are not the first one to have ever set out on such a quest. And you definitely won’t be last either. Because we have been on this quest before, let me suggest a type of carpet you can trust to make the difference you’re looking for.

Why not consider a nylon carpet to add color and life to your living room.

I know what you want to ask, let me give you the answers you seek.


4 Amazing Benefits of a Nylon Carpet

Nylon is a very popular synthetic fiber for making carpets, and the reasons for its popularity are too many to mention here but I’ll give you a 4 of the most important ones. Perhaps they will bring you closer to fulfilling your quest for a suitable carpet.


1. Durable

Nylon is one of the strongest fibers available. For a carpet, that is a great quality to have as a lot of traffic can mean a reduced lifespan. But that is not true with nylon carpets. The strength of the fiber actually makes it resistant to abrasions. Whatever you throw at it, nylon can survive it – except for fire of course. That is its Achilles heel.


2. Resilient

The beauty of nylon lies not only in its looks but in the way it can “bounce back” after taking the brunt of heavy traffic. In short, nylon carpets are resilient. This near-miraculous feature is due in mainly to the hydrogen molecule that constitutes part of nylon’s structure. The hydrogen molecule can be revived by simply steaming the carpet. The heat from the steam cleaner reactivates the hydrogen molecule, causing all flattened fibers to “perk up” again, making the carpet look brand new.

This is one of the reasons nylon carpets are so popular in houses and even high traffic offices, they never seem to wear out.


3. Easy to Clean – Very

Due to its makeup, nylon is a super-easy-to-clean material. This characteristic means your nylon carpet will be super easy to clean too. Not only is it easy to clean nylon carpets, but they are also stain-resistant due to the stain blockers that are added to the material. If you have kids or entertain a lot, a visit to Lowe’s Carpets for one of their gorgeous nylon carpets is the next step for you to take on your quest to find the perfect carpet for your home.


4. Affordable

One reason nylon carpets are so prolific is due to their availability – at all price points. There is a nylon carpet to suit every budget, and no matter which end of the price spectrum you purchase from, you will still get a great carpet. Don’t believe the price spectrum statement? Well, just head over to the Home Depot Carpet department and browse through their stock. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


When is a Nylon Carpet Your Best Bet?

When it comes to getting a carpet (or however many you may need), certain types of carpets are more suited to the type of room or simply amount of traffic in the area that needs carpeting. So when is a nylon carpet the best option?


1. In High Traffic Areas

Nylon carpets are best suited for high traffic areas as their durability means the area will be covered for a long time. It may crush quickly, but it’s nothing a quick steaming can’t solve. After all, one of nylon’s superpowers is resilience.


2. Areas Vulnerable to Spills

If you love entertaining guests, I would advise you put a nylon carpet in your entertainment area. Nylon carpets are easy to clean and stain resistant, making them the perfect choice for your entertainment room. No need to worry when a guest walks in with dirty shoes or spills a drink, cleaning up will be easy as pie.


3. In Rooms With Heavy Furniture

Nylon is your best bet for rooms with heavy furniture as its fibers easy bounce back when steamed. Other types of carpets and rugs won’t fare well under the pressure – they’ll quickly get damaged.


Nylon Carpets – 6 VS 6.6

As you shop around for your nylon carpet, you’ll probably hear the terms nylon 6 and nylon 6.6. Nylon 6.6 is named so for the double carbon strands in its makeup) and at one time was the superior type of nylon because of its colorfastness and static resistance. But that is a thing of the past as nylon 6 has been further enhanced to combat those drawbacks.


Cover Up

It’s time to cover up that floor space in your home. Consider a nylon carpet to get the job done easily, cost-effectively, and beautifully. All without the fear of high maintenance.

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