Everyone loves wooden floors. They are just so chic and glamorous. Besides, they always compliment furniture well – no matter the kind. And so when you mention to your friends that you want to give your floor a new look, they all nod in approval as they talk about refinishing and how it will bring back the natural look of the floor.

But then you drop the bombshell. You want painted wood floors. And their jaws drop.

When it comes to wooden floors and paint, many people think they are like oil and water – they can never mix. But sometimes, you have to make some bold moves in your life and do what is good for you – like painting your floors. It’s a bold move (and statement), but I know you won’t regret it.


Painted Floors – Getting Down in Style

So why would anyone (you included) want to paint their floors? I can’t answer that for everyone but I think I know you well enough to tell you why you should do it.


1. Give Your Floor a New Look

Floors get tired. Especially old wooden floors. And when they do, you may not have the budget to refinish them. Or perhaps, they are just too old and have been refinished so many times they are beginning to look like a wafer. Removing and replacing them can be costlier than refinishing. And again, the budget is too tight.

That does not mean you can’t give your floor and home a bright new make-over you can. Paint them. Nothing will give your paint a new lease of life the way floor paint can. It is to your floor what the fountain of youth is to human beings – only in this case it is real.


2. Modern Styling

Perhaps your floor is not tired, but you’re tired of it. And tired of having the same old floors as everyone else. If you’re looking for modern floor designs to give your home that overdue facelift, then painting your floors could just be the solution you’re looking for. Painted wood floors (yes, and painted cement floors) are the modern way as they offer personalization options that are unprecedented.

Floor paint gives you the opportunity to transform your floor into anything you want it to be – the designs are endless.


3. Practicality

When it comes to floors, nothing beats practicality. For one, we have already established that painting your floor is more practical than refinishing it budget wise. But do you know that with today’s modern furniture and interior design, painting your floors is the most practical way to match them with your homes new modern look?

With all the new colors and designs that are being incorporated into modern homes, your old wooden or cement floor will end up being the elephant in the room. And one of the best ways to get rid of that elephant is by painting it to match the rest of your house.


How to Get the Best results With Floor Paint

So now your mind is set. Nothing can stop you from painting your floor. But how should you go about it?


1. Choose the Right Color(s)

The color of the floor paint you use will affect the outcome of your floor in more ways than one. For instance, bright colors will reflect light more than darker colors while light colors will show off dirt and stains easily. Your safest bet is to go with neutral colors like buttery yellow, merlot, or even navy.


2. Use the Right Paint

When it comes to painting wooden floors, the main concern people have is scratches. You’ll probably be surprised to know that scratches are not that big of an issue. To guard against scratches, use primer and a tough grade of paint. This will drastically reduce the chances of scratching or chipping. As for areas with high traffic, use porch paint. One last tip on the right paint – higher sheens dry harder than matte sheens, so you’ll want to go for those.

In the event that you do get a scratch on your precious floor, it’s nothing a touch up can’t solve.


3. Be Creative

The goodness of painting your floor is that you can let your imagination go wild. The floor paint doesn’t necessarily have to be one color, instead, you can use it to create a feature in the middle of your living room. Or you can choose to mix some colors in different patterns. In fact with paint, your imagination is the limit. Let your creative juices flow freely. After all, it is your house and you should give it a finish that will make you happy.


Painted Floors – The Future of Flooring

Just like most design trends, painted floors are fast becoming the way of all floors. Just as they did in the Victorian era when all floors were painted. Imagine how cool you will look as a pioneer among your family and friends?

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