No matter how much you love your carpet and take good care of it, one thing is inevitable – it’s bound to get dirty.

Whether it’s a spill, soiling from shoes, or the dog drooling on it, your carpet will get its fair share of dirt and it will also need a generous share of your cleaning budget.

Carpet cleaning should be part of your regular cleaning routine, if not, it won’t last you as long as it should.

But before we talk about cleaning carpet tips, let’s take a few preventative measures first.


Carpet Care – Prevention is Better than Cure

To prolong the life and quality of your carpet, you need to make sure it needs as little cleaning as possible.

1. Minimize Dirt

Minimize dirt on your carpet by keeping mats at your entrances. Shoes are your carpet’s biggest enemies as they bring in a lot of dirt.


2. Vacuum – Often

How often is often? Roughly four times a week for an active family, more when necessary. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt build-up that can cause the fibers on your carpet to stick together.


3. Attend to Spills Immediately

Attending to spills quickly is critical to prolonging the life of your carpet. A quick spot clean can save the whole carpet from being damaged down the road.


4. Rotate Furniture

Rotating furniture also means redirecting traffic. This prevents only one part of the carpet from being affected by traffic. Constant traffic pushes dirt deep into your carpet, packing it into a grimy cake that can ruin your carpet. If possible, furniture should be rotated at least every six months and couple it with heavy vacuuming.


5. Use the Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

A carpet is a great investment, and as such, you should do everything within your power to keep it clean. That means using the best carpet cleaning solution, even if it may be pricier than others.

These are all DIY maintenance solutions, but for your carpet to last long and look good too, you will need to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaning services.


Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

In all fairness (especially to your carpet), professional carpet cleaners do a better job than you. The results always speak for themselves. Perhaps you need more convincing – let me give you a few reasons why professional carpet cleaning services are worth every penny.


1. They are Professional

They are called professional for a reason – they know more about carpets, the best carpet cleaning solution, and the best methods of cleaning carpets. Their vast knowledge and experience lead them to do a thorough job of cleaning your carpet – in ways you possibly can’t.


2. They Have the Right Carpet Cleaning Machines

You may think your vacuum is the only carpet cleaning machine you need but it’s not. The best way to clean a carpet, especially the high-end ones, is the hot water extraction method. Or, steam cleaning as it is commonly called.

Steaming requires special machines that are able to thoroughly clean your carpet and help it dry quickly. If a carpet is not cleaned with the right cleaning equipment and chemicals, it may lead the carpet to smell and become moldy due to not drying properly. Not only that, it may shrink or lose its shape.


3. A Professionally Cleaned Carpet is a Healthy Carpet

Most people fear carpets because of allergens. But the reason allergens are prevalent in carpets is because of improper cleaning. This is where professional carpet cleaning services come to the rescue. Their cleaning methods are so thorough they get rid of most allergens.

If you can’t afford carpet cleaning services, there is an alternative that yields professional results – if you are willing to put in the work.


Carpet Cleaning Rental – DIY Professional Cleaning

Carpet cleaner rentals have made it possible for individuals to clean their carpets professionally using professional equipment. The main advantage of renting a carpet cleaner is that you get to use the carpet cleaning machines the professionals use without having to spend a lot of money to purchase them.

Even though you will have to pay a rental fee for the carpet cleaning machines and at times the solutions, the price is more economical than buying such heavy duty machines for yourself.

Depending on where you live and where you get your carpet cleaning rental from, you can rent a carpet cleaner for as little as $29.99. If you rent a carpet cleaner three times a year, you still spend less than $100 a year for “professional” carpet cleaning.

A worthy investment indeed.


A Cleaner Carpet May Be Costlier but It’s Worth It

You may consider carpet cleaning services as an unnecessary expense, but in actual fact, if you have a carpet, they are a necessity. And a worthy one too as they keep your carpet smelling fresh for longer and free of dust and other allergens.

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