You probably have a love-hate relationship with your carpet. On the one hand, it makes your home cozy and comfortable, but on the other hand, it makes your home look a little more lived in than you would like. It shows wear and tear so easily, and once it does, the problem is pretty hard to fix.

You might be in the middle of coping with your carpet shame at the moment. You’ve been rearranging a lot of furniture, and buying a lot of cheap area rugs to help cover up the ugliness, but it still persists. You look around your home, and all you see is the carpet.

Oh, what you would give to have hardwood floors that don’t show nearly as many imperfections. Oh, what you would give to have a surface that simply wiped clean instead of absorbing everything that touches it.


Three Easy Ways to Love Your Carpet

But surfaces like wood and tile don’t solve your problem. That’s because you still want the benefits of carpet. You want something your kids can roll around and have fun on, and you want something that feels good under your own bare feet.

So to be clear, it isn’t carpet that’s the enemy, it’s just your carpet that is. It needs to be rejuvenated or replaced. What you need is a quick fix that can make you proud of your home and your bank account at the same time. Here are three inexpensive ways to help you love your carpet again.


1. Give It a Good Cleaning

You probably spot clean your carpet pretty often. When you spill a cup of coffee, or track in mud, or when one of your kids does something similar, you spend a lot of time wandering around the house with a carpet cleaner in hand and a wet washcloth. You can treat the symptom in effect, but not quite the disease.

To treat the whole problem you need the help of a carpet shampooer. You can look into purchasing one if you want to make it a regular thing, or you can rent a shampooer, or even hire a company to do it for you.

You might wonder if the effort is worth it. Cleaning old carpeting is not going to magically make it new, but it can make a world of difference. It’s a great stop-gap-solution. A good shampooing can make your carpeting bearable while you put money towards a more permanent fix. It might not make you love your carpet, but you might at least like it. Plus, you don’t have to make a huge investment if you can’t at the moment.


2. Replace It Using Carpet Tiles

If your carpeting has taken a real beating it might be time to replace it entirely. Carpet tiles are a great option if you have a high-traffic area. They are extremely durable and designed to be used in places that see a lot of wear. That’s part of why they are so popular in commercial settings.

They’re also easy to install, and easy to replace. You can purchase tiles that are interlocking or ones that you can peel and stick to the surface. That means that installation doesn’t take a lot of fancy equipment, or a lot of time.

And should you get a stain on your carpet, all you have to do is pop out the old tile, and either wash it or replace it with a spare tile. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could freshen up your carpet square by square when you needed to? You can’t do that with traditional rolled carpet. You just have to live with it or move your couch.

Carpet tiles also give you a freedom of expression not typically associated with your run-of-the-mill berber. You can choose from hundreds of colors and patterns, and then you can use the individual tiles to create your own design. Want to incorporate a geometric scheme into your carpeting? If you can dream it, you can do it.


3. Install Affordable New Carpet

To love your carpet you have to love the way it looks, but you also have to love the way it feels. By purchasing affordable new carpeting from a hardware store or flooring company, you can easily get both. You get style and substance at the same time, and it’s surprisingly not as expensive as you would think.

That’s because plenty of places offer affordable carpet and carpet installation. Home Depot carpet, for example, has many varieties available for less than a dollar a square foot. As carpet prices go, that’s pretty reasonable. They also offer free installation, with a few restrictions, if you spend at least $699.

That’s money well spent if you consider how much it will change your outlook on your home. You might not want your home to look too lived in, but you for sure want it to be livable. Installing new carpeting can help make that possible. You can be proud of your home again, and that’s pretty priceless.


Loving Your Carpet Makes All the Difference

If your carpeting has been getting on your nerves lately, then it’s time to make a change. Cleaning your carpet, putting down carpet tiles, or installing affordable new carpeting are all budget-friendly ways to get back to loving your soft flooring. And loving your carpet means loving your home, and well, you know there’s no place like it.

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