When it comes to tiles, ceramic tiles are one of the most popular tiling choices in the world.

They are very versatile and can be used for floors, walls, backsplashes, showers, and a whole lot more. There is no room in your home that can’t be beautified by ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles come in a lot of designs and offer a lot of customization options to make your house have that unique personality that you’ve always been looking for.

As much as ceramic tiles are popular, don’t let that popularity alone dictate your choice, let me give you the facts so as to help you make a solid choice.


Ceramic Tiles – The Hard Truth

Ceramic tiles have a lot of advantages when it comes to flooring type. The hype over them is not at all baseless. Here are a few of the reasons you should strongly consider going ceramic with your floors.


  1. Durable

The most important factor to consider when choosing a flooring material is durability. No one wants to change flooring every 10 years, it’s just cumbersome and expensive.

This is where ceramic tile flooring shines the most – in the durability department. Because of their hardness, ceramic tiles are resistant to traffic, scratches, and moisture.

Simply put, ceramic tiles are bulletproof – they don’t get damaged easily. This is one reason they are the popular flooring choice for kitchens – falling cutlery won’t even leave a mark.

A quality ceramic tile installation can last you 20 years or even longer if well maintained. That’s a great deal considering you can get ceramic tiles for as little as $1 per square foot for basic tiles. Prices, however, can just be shy of $20 per square foot for premium ceramic tiles.


  1. Design Galore

The beauty of ceramic floor tiles lies in the way you can easily create thousands of different designs, making it the perfect choice if you love being unique. With a plethora of colors to choose from, you can get whites, beiges, greys, pastels, and every bright color you can think off. Not only that, but the artwork on ceramic tiles can be quite mind-blowing.

If unique is what you’re looking for, consider a ceramic tile floor.

You can customize it to your exact preference and match your décor too. In fact, if you love the look of wood but are looking for the durability and hardness of ceramic, you can get the best of both worlds by installing a ceramic wood tile. This is a type of ceramic tile that looks like wood. Amazing, I know.


  1. Great Option for Those Sensitive to Allergens

Due to their hard nature, ceramic tiles don’t hold on to allergens like dust, pollen, and other allergens. They are easily visible on the surface and can be easily swept away. And because ceramic is moisture-resistant, it means they are antimicrobial – they don’t hide bacteria, making it difficult for bacteria to survive on their surfaces.


  1. Easy to Maintain

Ceramic floors are probably some of the easiest floor types to maintain. They don’t even need any special cleaning agent like other flooring materials. A simple sweeping and mopping are all you need to get rid of any dust, or spill.

Did I mention they are also quick drying? Well, they are. Meaning spills can be quickly taken care of, and mopping doesn’t leave the floor wet and slippery.


  1. Small Environmental Footprint

Ceramic floor tiles are made from natural resources that are readily available – sand, clay, glass, etc. This means even after removing them, they can easily be recycled, making them a great “green” option for those who are passionate about preserving our planet.


Porcelain vs Ceramic Tile – Or Are they the Same Thing?

As you are on the hunt for your beautiful tiles, you will probably encounter porcelain and ceramic tiles, and sometimes the words will even be used interchangeably. But are they the same thing?

Or are they two different types of tiles?

Let’s start with the similarities.

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles are made from sand, clay, and other natural materials that are fired up in a kiln. Apart from similarities in looks, that’s as far as the similarities go.

To understand the differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles, you will have to look at their properties.

For example, porcelain is lighter than ceramic, yet it is stronger. And because of its strength, design options are greater as it can be cut into smaller tiles than ceramic. When it comes to price, porcelain is more expensive in terms of purchasing and installing.


Ceramic Tile – Great Choice for Flooring

Though ceramic tiles may be cold and hard to the feet, they have a way of warming up your heart and home with their beautiful, shiny surfaces designed to suit your exact needs.

Go ahead, get yourself a unique floor that will knock people off their feet.

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