Ever since synthetic materials were created, they have changed every facet of life.

And none more than house décor. Yes, I’m talking about carpets.

One of those wonders spawned by synthetic materials is the Olefin carpet.

Olefin is the generic name for the synthetic fiber, polypropylene, which is used to make carpets (and many other unrelated products like wallpaper, rope, and vehicle interior) called by either name.

The choice of a carpet for your home is a major part of your renovation project and it needs to treated as such, not as a last thought. As you look for a carpet for your current project, consider an Olefin carpet.


What Makes Olefin Carpets So Special?

As with most synthetic fibers, Olefin is made to have superior qualities that make it stand out as a carpet. Some of the qualities include:


1. Great Looking

Olefin carpets are known for their gorgeous looks. In fact, they have a wool-like appearance which makes them highly sought after. It is the same wool-like appearance that makes it the best alternative to wool in the carpeting industry.


2. Color Fast – Extremely

Olefin is an extremely colorfast fiber. This is because it is a solution dyed fiber, meaning the color is added while it is still in its liquid form. If you are looking for a carpet for a high traffic area, olefin will do you good as it won’t lose its color quickly. This is one carpet that doesn’t easily fade, even if you leave it in the sun, or if, by chance, it happens to be in a room with heavy fumes.


3. Super Stain Resistant

Olefin is a great fabric for carpets as it is hydrophobic – it doesn’t absorb liquids. This means when a colored liquid spills on your Olefin carpet, it won’t be absorbed, leaving your carpet the same way it was. Olefin is so stain-resistant even bleach can’t affect it. This is one super stain-resistant carpet that can save you a lot of stain-induced heartache.


4. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Because of its qualities, Olefin produces easy to clean, low maintenance carpets. Olefin carpets are really handy if you are a very busy person who doesn’t need the extra pressure of cleaning a carpet.


5. Very Low Cost

Production costs for Olefins are the lowest in comparison to other synthetic fibers and carpets, making it one of the cheapest carpets on the market. Sure, it may not be as durable as the others, but if you are looking for a budget-friendly carpet for a quick renovation or for a low traffic area of your house, polypropylene rugs will give you great value for your money.


Disadvantages of Olefin Carpets

As great as Olefins sound, they do have some disadvantages you need to be aware of. They are definitely not many but warrant a look into.


1. Lack Resilience

In carpet lingo, the term resilience refers to a carpet’s ability to bounce back after being stepped on or pressure being applied to it. In short, it compresses easily and doesn’t return to its original shape easily.


2. Love Oils

Olefin carpets have an affinity for oil (they are oleophilic). This means when they come in contact with any oil-based liquid, they will stain.


3. Low Traffic Use

No matter how beautiful your polypropylene rug may be, never get tempted to put it in a high traffic area for people to admire. It won’t fare very well.

Despite its weaknesses, an Olefin carpet can be a great accessory for your house. You just need to understand its strengths and weaknesses and find a suitable place to lay it.


The Battle of the Synthetic Fibers

Today’s carpet industry is producing so many great looking carpets at reasonable prices and with great qualities, it’s really difficult to make a choice.

The battle rages on as people ask, “nylon vs polyester” or “Olefin Vs Triexta (you may know it as SmartStrand/Sorona).”

But is the battle really necessary?

When it comes to carpets, especially those made from synthetic materials, you need to have a basic knowledge of the characteristics of the fiber that is used in making the carpet. These will guide you in making an informed decision based on the properties of the carpet and the nature of the room you want to place it in.

Sometimes, the “battle” is not actually about the carpets, it’s about which room suits which carpet. Consider the amount of traffic, the activities, and the furniture in the room as you make your carpet purchase.


An Olefin Carpet – Worthy of Your Consideration

Next time you go shopping for a carpet, put “Polypropylene rug” on your list. Because they come in many different colors, you will have a great selection to choose from. For the most part, the advantages of an Olefin carpet far outweigh its disadvantages if placed in the right room, so why not give it a go?

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