Homeowners looking for a unique type of flooring for their home should consider installing Quarry Tile. This strong and durable commercial-grade flooring is becoming very popular among decorators who love a contemporary style. This versatile tile is suitable for a variety of applications and can add a creative touch to both the interior or exterior of a home or business.


What is Quarry Tile?

This adaptable flooring was once primarily used for commercial applications. It was often seen in kitchen or dining areas such as cafeterias or restaurants. The production of this type of tile started in the brick-making industry. The raw materials used to make Quarry flooring are like those used to make brick products.

Contrary to what the name suggests, quarry tile is not manufactured in a quarry. This type of flooring is produced from a mixture of natural ingredients such as feldspar, clay, and shales. The materials are extruded through a die and cut into shape. The die cut leaves a ribbed back on the tile to help with adhesion. After they are cut, the tiles are dried and fired in a kiln.

Quarry tiles are described in the industry as a natural and durable flooring. Quality quarry tiles are hard fired in a kiln after they are manufactured. The temperature inside the kiln is higher than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Not all quarry tiles go through this process, therefore it is a good idea to install only hard-fired tiles. That is because they are more durable and are considered vitreous, meaning they are low-absorption.


Quarry Tile is Naturally Appealing Both Indoors and Outdoors

Since this tile is unglazed, it is naturally appealing and works well for both interior and exterior designs, many homeowners choose to add quarry tiles to their kitchen and extend the look out to their back patio. Since the tiles are slip resistant, they work particularly well for areas were spills may occur.

This tile gets its natural color from the raw materials that are used during the manufacturing process. Those that are produced with a shale base will have a red or brown tone while tiles that are made with a clay base will have a gray or beige color. There are also some quarry tiles produced with a shade variation to them. This look, also known as flashing, is obtained by controlling the flow of gases and oxygen in the kiln.


The Benefits of Installing Quarry Tile

There are several benefits to installing quarry tile. Here are a few to help you decide on your home’s flooring upgrade.


It Can Be Used Outdoors

Some varieties of quarry tile can be placed outdoors on your deck or patio. To use the tile outdoors, you will need to be sure that you install it correctly and place good grout in all the gaps. Once installed you will have outdoor flooring that is slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and will last for years to come.


It has an Appealing Look

This man-made tile has a very low variation when it comes to tone, therefore it will provide you with a uniform and attractive appearance in comparison to other types of tile flooring. This can also improve the value of your home if you ever decide to resell.


Quarry Tile is a Substrate

This means that it is naturally resistant to stains and it is also slip resistant. Because it is made from ceramic materials, you will want to use a penetrating sealer on top since some stains can still penetrate the material. This will provide your flooring with ample protection without making it slippery. You will have a sleep and stylish floor with contemporary appeal once it is installed.


It’s Perfect for Any Area that Attracts Moisture

Since the tiles are fired in a kiln, they can absorb water easily, and much faster than other types of tile flooring. Therefore, this type of tile is a great choice for bathrooms or outdoor areas around a swimming pool.


Where to Buy Quarry Tile

It is best to order quarry tile from a company that specializes in creating this type of flooring. Daltile is a tile company known for manufacturing sustainable flooring options for homes and businesses. The company is committed to earth-friendly manufacturing and has helped to prevent an average of 175 lbs. of old flooring materials from ending up in landfills each year.

If you would like to install a strong and durable tile floor in your home or business, you should consider using quarry tile. This long-lasting flooring option has a timeless appeal that will look great decades after it is installed. The tile is a substrate, so it is naturally slip-resistant which makes it perfect for work areas, the kitchen, outdoors, or a wet room. Consider this quality tile for your next home renovation project and you won’t be disappointed.

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