If you live in an apartment, area rugs can be a real lifesaver.

Sure, they can be a real lifesaver no matter where you live, but apartment flooring is notoriously cheap, and it’s never replaced as often as it should be.

If you live in a unit with carpet, then your flooring pain is probably particularly acute.

That’s because apartment carpet is usually a low pile without much padding beneath it. It doesn’t feel great on your feet, and it doesn’t always look the greatest either.

It’s also not very durable. It stains by basically being looked at, and it can even start to fray from high traffic.

Of course, hardwood floors pose lots of problems for apartment living too. They reverberate sound like crazy, and you can wind up with a noise violation for dropping your car keys. Plus, hardwood is not immune to damage. It can get scratched, stained, and worn, just like carpet.

Your best bet is to keep your floors covered. You’ll end up with a more tranquil and stylish living experience, and you’ll make sure you get all of your security deposit back when you leave.

So while area rugs are useful in lots of settings, if you live in an apartment, they’re crucial.

The problem is while you need and love area rugs, you can’t spend your rent money on buying them.


The Four Best Places to Furnish Your Apartment with Area Rugs

You need options that are affordable, will cover as much space as possible, and will help transform your drab apartment into a hip pad. Here are the four best places to get affordable area rugs for your apartment.


1. Wayfair

Wayfair is pretty amazing. The online discount store carries just about every trendy item your apartment could possibly need, but it especially excels when it comes to rugs. You can search through more than one hundred thousand area rugs in every shape, color, and pattern imaginable.

Not only is there a rug for every single situation, there’s also a rug for every price range, and for every purpose. You can find some pretty high-end rugs at great prices, and you can also find rugs that can cover a large space for a little price.

When it comes to your apartment flooring, the less you see of it the better, and Wayfair rugs can help make that possible.


2. Joss and Main

Joss and Main is pretty similar to Wayfair. It has great discounts on rugs, and a wide selection to choose from. The advantage of Joss and Main is they update their collections more often, and even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for one week, you might find it the next.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to lose an afternoon scrolling through the endless area rug possibilities. They have lots of sizes and price ranges to choose from, and their style tends more toward the traditional.

You might not find the most unique rug in the world at Joss and Main, but you can still find a great conversation piece that keeps people from talking about the actual carpet.


3. Home Depot

Everything about Home Depot is big. Their aisles are big. Their ceilings are big. Their garden department stretches on for ages. So it should come as no surprise that they sell big area rugs.

As you scroll through their selection of area rugs you’ll see a great deal that are eleven, twelve, or even fifteen feet in length. With rugs like that, you might actually be able to cover your entire floor, and never see that cheap commercial grade carpet again.

Speaking of cheap rugs, Home Depot rugs are definitely some of the most affordable considering the sheer square footage that they offer. The trade-off for the great sizes and prices is that their designs and patterns are simpler and more straightforward than some of the other vendors.

If you just want a nice beige shag rug to cover up the carpeting that no longer looks beige, then Home Depot has you covered.


4. Overstock

Once you buy something from Overstock, you’ll probably wonder why you ever looked anywhere else. They have a huge, almost overwhelming selection of rugs, but they make it easy to search for the one that is right for you. You can easily select your desired, size, style, or price range, and no matter how specific your parameters, you’ll likely have thousands of rugs to choose from.

Overstock definitely wins on quantity, but they also get points for the quality of their service. They offer free shipping on just about every order, and if you sign up for their email list, you’ll receive additional savings on just about everything you purchase. A discount on top of a discount? Sold.

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