The more you research the flooring options available for your new home, the more you realize what an overwhelming process making a decision can be.

Often, price is a major factor in what floor is right for you, but when your budget isn’t the issue, you have to be able to look at things from another angle.

If you can truly have any flooring that you want, how do you know you’re choosing the right one?

If you had just a few options to choose from, it might not be so hard. But flooring is so much more than deciding whether to put down carpet, or hardwood in the living room.

Picking the right flooring means deciding between options you didn’t even know existed.

Bamboo? Cork?

What’s next?


Three Ways to Tell If Stone Flooring is Right for You

Then there’s natural stone flooring. It’s familiar to you, but maybe in name only.

Places like MSI Stone offer a wide variety of stone flooring options in colors, shapes, and designs that are flawlessly beautiful.

But is beauty enough?

You hear people talk about how great their stone floors look, but what else are they offering? Here are three ways to tell if stone flooring is right for your home.


1. You Want Something Low Maintenance

Stone lasts forever. That makes sense, right? Think about all the stone structures from hundreds of years ago that are still standing. Stone is for keeps. It doesn’t need to be refinished like hardwood floors will eventually need to be, and it doesn’t need replaced like manufactured floors.

Stone flooring lasts forever because it is strong and durable. It won’t wear out in high traffic areas, and it will always look inviting and stylish.

You might find that you want to choose stone flooring because you want to put in all your investment upfront. You’d rather pay more now instead of having to pay extra later. Why mess around with installing another laminate floor in ten or fifteen years? Start off right with stone floor tile and enjoy the look for life.


2. You Live in a Warm Climate

If you live in a place known for its heat, then nothing will beat the feel of stone tile flooring beneath your feet. Stone naturally stays cooler in warm temperatures, so even on a blistering day, your floors will feel nice and cool.

That’s not to say that stone won’t work well if you live in a colder climate. It can. In fact, it works well with radiant heating, but it’s kind of a nice thought to use the stone’s innate qualities to your own advantage.

By laying stone flooring in a warm climate, you’re sort of embracing nature. Rather than amending the stone for a colder climate, you can use it where it works best all on its own.


3. You Don’t Live With Accident Prone People

For some, stone flooring can come down to an issue of safety. It can be slippery when wet making falls a possibility, and its hard surface can make those falls more serious. Tripping on a rug is going to hurt a lot less than crashing down onto stone.

No one can predict when, or if accidents might happen, but there are groups that are more at risk. If you’re older, or if you often have older houseguests visiting, you might want to be careful where and how you use stone.

You might shy away from bathrooms because of the excess water, and you might avoid using it on steps or landings. You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself, and you would hate to have a visit from the in-laws end up with a trip to the emergency room.

You might make the same considerations if you have lots of kids running around. Sure, the smooth surface is great for their wheeling and bouncing, but not so much for their tripping and falling.

In that case, you might opt for stone in your foyer, but not in your family room. You can use it in rooms where no horseplay exists, or at least where there is less horseplay.

You might also feel that the risk of injury is offset by the durability. Your kids are going to be hard on your floor, that’s for sure, so you might want a floor that can be just as tough.


Choose the Flooring that Fits Your Home

Now that you have three easy ways to tell if stone floors are right for your home, you can narrow, or expand your research accordingly. You can be confident that no matter what your choice is, you are doing what is best for your family, your lifestyle, and your home.

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