Mosaic is an impressive form of art that dates to the ancient Roman era. This technique was often used to decorate grand palaces and temples. Today, we use mosaic tile to decorate the interior of our homes and add a creative touch to each room. There are many ways to use mosaic tile for decorating. And this technique can be used in practically any room in your home.

Since the concept is growing in popularity, you can find these tiles in practically any home improvement store around. But, you don’t have to limit your decorating to these mass-produced pieces. You can also create beautiful designs using small pieces of glass, tile, or metal.

Here are a few examples of how you can use artistic tile in or around your home.


Using Mosaic Tile All Throughout Your Home

There are countless ways to use mosaics all throughout your home. You can use glass mosaic tile to create an artistic design. Or you can simply use the tile to cover a wall, kitchen backsplash, or floor.

You can place mosaic tiles around your bathroom mirror for an enchanting display. Or add several rows of rectangular tile to the back of your sink. It can be fun to create a complex image using tiny pieces of tile. But you don’t have to create an extravagant image to make an eye-catching display. Simply adding colorful tiles to the wall will make a great improvement to any room.

When it comes to working with mosaic tile, you don’t have to go by a specific pattern if you don’t want to. The look can be as random as you want it to be, or well-organized. It is completely up to you. Cover the exterior of your bathtub to create a luxurious look. Or cover all the walls in your bathroom in shimmering mosaics.


Make a Unique Countertop or Backsplash for your Kitchen

Your decorating budget may not allow you to purchase a lavish granite countertop for your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to put a limit on your creative input. You can create a fun design using mosaic tile and update your countertop so that it features a look that is unlike any other.

Add a burst of color to your otherwise neutral-toned counter. You may want to extend your design to the oven’s backsplash or go with something completely different. The sky’s the limit when it comes to using colorful mosaic tiles in the kitchen.

Do you want to add a contemporary look to your guest bathroom? Consider covering the structure for your sink with mosaic tiles. Choose a bold color such as red or brilliant purple to add an exotic touch to the room. Then decorate the remainder of the bathroom using the same color palette.


Use Mosaic Tile Outside the Home

You may be surprised to learn that you can use colorful mosaic tile outside your home as well. Line a path to the backyard fire pit using large tile pieces. You can also create a colorful border around your outdoor pool using tiles. You can even use pebbles or river rocks instead of tiles to create a fun design or decorate your patio floor.

Would you like to show off your impressive planters this spring and summer? You can add some color or texture to your outdoor planters by covering them with mosaic tiles. Create eye-catching designs and geometric patterns that will enhance the look of your flower bed.


An Artistic Couple Uses Mosaics to Decorate the Outside of Their Home

Gonzalo Duran and Cheri Pan live in a beautiful home in Venice, CA. They purchased the property in 1994 in hopes of building an art studio. But, instead, they transformed the fixer-upper into a grand work of art.

Their home is covered both inside and outside with mosaic tiles, and it has become a major tourist attraction in the area.

The couple uses everything from clay tiles to broken glass to create a whimsical display. And they are still adding on to the design every day. Each room has a different look including their kitchen which features a busy, brightly colored design that looks like a child’s artwork using finger paints. But instead of looking out-of-place, it really works and is remarkable to look at.

There are plenty of fascinating structures located out front. And as the sunlight shines through, the glass tiles reflect the many different shapes and colors.

Mosaic tile provides interior decorators and DIY experts with a great way to show off their artistic talents or learn more about their creative side. You can purchase tiles from your local retailer in every color and texture imaginable. Or you can use broken glass, metal, pebbles, and other materials to create a mosaic design that is all your own.

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