Choosing the right flooring for specific rooms in your home is all about matching up the qualities of the flooring with the needs of the room. To do that you will likely spend a lot of time thinking about foot traffic, noise, temperature, and exposure to water. All of these elements determine what flooring will work best, where.


Three Great Places to Use Vinyl Flooring in Your Home

Vinyl flooring is a great affordable option that a lot of people are turning to. You can find great deals on it at places like Lumber Liquidators, and you can be sure you’ll end up with a floor and décor that go well together.

That’s because vinyl comes in so many styles and colors, and it can work with any kind of decorating scheme. It goes just as easily with rustic charm as it does with modern minimalist.

Its versatility also extends to the rooms that it can be used in. To get a better idea of how vinyl flooring can work in your home, check out the three best places to use it around your house.


1. The Bathroom

Vinyl is water resistant, so it’s kind of a no-brainer for the bathroom. When has water ever stayed in the tub, or shower? Never. Water never stays where it is supposed to, especially when your kids are involved, so you need a floor that can deal with it.

Tile is also an obvious choice for bathrooms, but you might be surprised to learn that vinyl has a few advantages over the more expensive option.

For one thing, vinyl is softer, which actually helps to make it less slippery. Your feet sink into the vinyl just enough to give you a little more traction. Tile on the other hand is hard and slick. You always have to be careful on wet surfaces, but you would probably rather take your chances on vinyl than tile.

Vinyl is also warm. Sure, you can get heated floors, but for a fraction of the cost, you can install vinyl, and get intrinsic warmth. There’s nothing quite so terrible as stepping out onto a cold floor once you leave the comfort of a hot shower, and there’s nothing quite so nice as stepping onto a warm one instead.


2. The Kitchen

This depends on how you use your kitchen. Is it a decorative place that rarely gets used? Or are you in there peeling potatoes on a regular basis? The softness of vinyl, coupled with its water resistance, makes it perfect for a kitchen that gets a lot of use.

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen on your feet, then you’ll find that vinyl is more comfortable than standing on hardwood or tile.

Vinyl is also easy to clean, and your kitchen is probably prone to a lot of messes. You don’t have to worry about fancy cleaners, or special mops. In fact, vinyl is so low maintenance that it makes for the perfect floor for your kids to clean. With their help, a little sweeping and some occasional light mopping will go a long way.


3. The Basement Playroom

You might think that carpet is ideal for a playroom, but then think about how hard your kids can be on things. Remember your favorite sofa? Remember how nice it used to look? Carpet is comfortable, but it will be stained and worn in no time. Vinyl just wipes clean. You can sweep it from time to time and spot clean it as necessary. Otherwise, you really don’t have to worry about it.

Plus, vinyl is a surface your kids can really play on. You like to think that you discourage horseplay in the house, but at a certain point, you just need them to run around and get some energy out.

Vinyl floors let them run and wheel and bounce around. Tricycles, exer-saucers, and lots of other toys with wheels work so much better on a hard surface. So rather than sacrifice your hardwood floors for this indulgences, put down less expensive vinyl, and let the races begin.


Create Places to Gather With Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has so many attributes that your home and your family can benefit from. Its affordability and durability ensure that you create spaces where everyone can gather, play, and live, without fear of messing up the fine floors. Vinyl creates inviting spaces all over your home, and it just might be time to install some.

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