One question often asked in the carpeting world is, “With all the synthetic carpets that are so prolific on the market, where are the natural fiber carpets?”

That’s a very legitimate question – if you are the one who asked it.

The most prominent natural fiber carpet you will find (and fall in love with, trust me) is a wool carpet. True, you may find rugs made from cotton, sisal, jute, or other natural fibers, but they are usually area rugs due to their weakness. Wool is the only natural fiber that is used to make wall-to-wall carpets (broadloom).

But with the superior qualities of synthetic fibers and carpets, is there a reason to get a wool carpet?

Definitely. Besides its good looks (think Karastan carpet), wool has many other qualities that you will find appealing.


Wool Carpets – Removing the Wool from Your Eyes

You may have heard of some negative statements concerning wool as a material for your carpeting needs. I want to dispel those negative statements by telling the truth about wool today.

This under-appreciated type of carpet needs to be revived and reinstated to its glory days as it makes quite a phenomenal carpet.

So let’s take a closer look at wool carpets and their advantages.


1. Great Natural Humidifier

This is possibly one of the greatest benefits of installing a wool carpet in your home. Wool is a great absorber of moisture (not the best thing to say about a carpet, but hang on). This means when humidity is high, it will draw in the moisture, reducing the humidity in your room. When humidity lowers, it releases moisture back into the air, providing you with near constant humidity levels in your house.


2. Green and Eco-Friendly

Natural fibers like wool tend to be more environmentally friendly than man-made, or synthetic, fibers due to the fact they are made from more sustainable and recyclable resources. Synthetic fibers are also prone to releasing volatile organic compounds which can be harmful to the environment. Natural fibers are more stable and don’t react easily to release these gases.


3. Resilient

Wool rugs and carpets are very resilient, meaning the fibers quickly bounce back after compression, giving the carpet a fresh look again. This makes a wool carpet greatly resistant to abrasions and other hardships carpets go through. Because of this, wool carpets are very durable and have been known to last decades and still look good.


4. Flame Resistant

Wool carpets are considered safer than other carpet types, particularly those made from synthetic fibers. This is because of its flame resistance. Wool does not burst into flame like its synthetic counterparts, rather, it just chars. This is a great quality if you are considering placing a rug or carpet in a smoking room, although care should still be taken.


5. Not Easily Soiled

Wool has great soiling resistance, unlike synthetic fibers. Wool is a natural fiber that has microscopic scales that help prevent dirt from being embedded into the carpet fibers. This makes it difficult to soil a wool carpet. The same scales on the fibers disperse light well in such a way that the soiling is “masked.”


Wool Carpets – The Not So Bad News

Wool does have its drawbacks. They are not so many but the most prominent one is the fact that wool carpets are high-maintenance

A wool carpet will require more work than synthetic carpets in order to keep it in good shape. You may want to consider professional cleaning services if you want to prolong the life of your wool carpet, as cleaning it requires special care and skill.

Wool carpets also tend to shed as wool is a staple fiber (short fibers) and some may have come unattached from the manufacturer. Don’t worry when you see them coming off, it’s natural with wool carpets and the “shedding” will become less as time goes on.

No doubt, when it comes to carpet pricing, wool carpets do tend to be pricier than synthetic fiber-made carpets, but their beauty easily offsets the price factor.

But, if you are willing to put in the time, a careful look around will help you snag a great bargain that will strike the perfect balance between price and beauty.

A Karastan carpet is the perfect example of that balance. You will definitely find gorgeous carpets that will transform your house into a dream.


Wool Carpet – Soft as a Cloud

If you are looking for a soft, gentle flooring solution for your feet or for the kids to have a great time solving a puzzle on, wool is your best bet. Its soft, gentle texture will make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

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